Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Expect A Lot From Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

Gamers from every single part of the world will be counting down the days until the amazing game that is Black Ops 2 is finally released. The amount of attention a big game gets does not go unnoticed, but in respect to Black Ops 2, there is even more than normal.

The first game or the spin off was such a massive success that it has in turn put a wave of huge pressure on its second edition. Now people are expecting this new game to be as good as the first naturally. There was some news on the Internet that got leaked the other week about hidden Easter eggs. These are gems in the game and can be used to unlock really cool bonus items like weapons and maps.

Once the revelation had broken out about the leaked Easter egg footage, the amount of YouTube videos uploaded about breakthrough was astonishing. News sites were writing articles on the spoiler at an alarming rate and by the end of the day the whole of the world wide web knew about it.

That is the power of this game and how much interest it has got just purely because of its name. I have to say myself, i loved the first addition and cannot wait for Black Ops 2 if I'm completely honest. The weapons in the new game are so good that it would take nearly all day to name them all.

The quantity of weapon choice is quite remarkable and really impressive to say the least.The quality of guns is one part of the sequel that has improved dramatically along with the graphics have got slightly better as well.

The game developers did actually have a break from this spin off of the series to concentrate on the other spin off. Modern Warfare 3 was the third installment of the Modern Warfare spin off. Black Ops and MW are all part of the Call Of Duty series. So two years later and we finally have the second part of COD Black Ops.

The shoot em up games tend to do very well in selling copies of their respected titles when it comes down to it. There seems to be a huge market for video games that have content full of action and weaponry. The latest version of Call Of Duty (Black Ops 2) is out on the 13th November 2012.

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