Thursday, March 21, 2013

Practical Advice When Improving Your Skyrim Skills

From the beginning you should try to raise your Skyrim skills in short steady bursts and level up naturally. You should not try and attempt to cheat or exploit easy to get skills such as making iron daggers at the Blacksmith to increase your Smithing quickly. Just because its easy and very tempting to level up quickly, doesn't necessarily mean you should.

The fact is rapidly increasing skills and levelling up in Skyrim too quickly has a negative effect overall in your Skyrim game-play. Imagine meeting level 20 beasts with rubbish leather armour and a sword with minimum hits points, you will constantly lose and be reloading from a previously saved game which isn't a practical idea.

Levelling in the Skyrim game does not have an upper limit for example level 50, so you can continue upping levels as long as you are increasing Skyrim skills. Gaining those higher levels however gets increasingly difficult as your Skyrim skill levels increase and the amount of experience points to level up gets higher.

If you were to raise all your Skyrim skills to their maximum levels of 100, you would be a relatively invincible adventurer at level 81. You will also notice each time you level up you have the ability to choose one perk from each of the different Skyrim skill attributes. As there are well over 200 skill perks, you should not waste your time trying to obtain every one and should instead concentrate on selecting perks which are valuable to your own individual game-play.

Skill Books Can Help In Raising Skyrim Skills

There are a large collection of Skyrim skill books spread across the Skyrim landscape to buy, find, win or steal. You should try to save all these skill books until the higher levels of the game, when either the cost of gold for training increases or the amount of experience points to level increases.

This sound advice cannot always be followed since you read books you pick up automatically, without necessarily knowing the book contains a vital Skyrim skill. There is no real need to worry on this though, due to the fact that most skill books are obtained from merchants often with a high price tag and any books found and read with skills do aid in raising levels.

Paying Gold For Training Increases Skyrim Skills

Another good tip for levelling especially when you're near to gaining the next level, is to pay gold and use the various trainers around Skyrim for training. You will find three levels of trainers to aid in rising a particular Skyrim skill, these are journeyman, expert and master which correspond to training dependent on current level in that skill.

If you find yourself short of gold coins then it is best to try and locate a trainer and train skills that you have not used as much. This does save quite a bit in gold coins but does have its limits when applying the method in higher levels, due to lower skills not contributing as much experience points towards levelling.

Improve Skyrim Skills checklist for lower levels:

Do you have skill books you haven't read?

Are there flowers, plants, or other ingredients you haven't sampled?

Do you have a lot of ingredients that you can mix into potions?

Do you have ore or ingots than can be used in smithing weapons or armour?

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